The Team

Sean Kelly is a Mental and Physical Preparation Specialist with CPPS credentials.

skpc-sean-kellyWith over 20 years of training experience, Sean sets himself apart by concentrating on the mental aspect of competition. Although Sean has a remarkable ability to improve strength, speed, flexibility, and endurance with his proven strength and conditioning training techniques, he understands that mental barriers are often greater than physical ones and he helps athletes of all ages develop skills to conquer these barriers. By consistently teaching confidence, focus, goal setting and motivation, Sean’s athletes are better able to calm their nerves during athletic competition. Sean promotes an optimistic thinking style and he strongly believes that confidence in relation to competitive sport is a result of particular thinking habits, more so than physical talent, opportunity or previous success. Sean is an expert in Human Motivation and he invites his athletes to implement the lessons, success, and confidence they learn in the weight room and transfer those assets to all areas of their life especially the athletic field.

As a two sport Division I athlete Sean graduated Cum Laude from Fairfield University in 2000. After college, Sean spent twelve successful years on Wall Street and was the head of a very successful sales trading desk for the final eight years of his career. Throughout these years Sean always yearned to be back in the gym full time helping athletes learn the tools he has mastered.